Next generation of superheroes


Today I got an email with Balenciaga Replica Handbags a picture attached to it.

This is a bedroom shared by two boys of about six and nine years old. Several papers are glued to the wall. One is a certificate from  basketball, another is a brevet from water polo, below a postcard from a blue sea and a beach, above a certificate as superheroe, in the middle a card with a representation of a painting of Koen Vanmechelen titled: new generation.

Why did the boys stuck this picture to the wall? Was it because it is a nice picture?replica rolex Was it because of the text written on it: “next generation”? Was it because the two brothers came to see the exposition Replica Celine Handbags ‘Amfitheatrum’?

Or was it because they liked art, they simply appreciated it without knowing all details of the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project. What we do know is that they really love Koen Vanmechelens work and they represent the next generation of superheroes (superfans).

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