Between Heaven and Earth


Big Gala, lots of people. In the front of the room there were several television cameras and people of the organizing committee checking everything for the last time. No accidents allowed tonight.

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It started with a flashing presentation: Koen is yelling at the rooster, the rooster crying back at him, photographs of chickens, doctors examining chickens, a man eating a chicken. In short, nothing strange to mankind.

The artist often interchanges the chicken with mankind. When looking at it this way it is difficult to say if it is the chicken who benefits from mankind or mankind from the chicken. It is like a place where heaven and sea touch each other, the line of distinction gets blurred.

Once on stage, Koen received his latest prize and distinction, the Golden Nica.

An international panel praised his work an let us enjoy the images, sculptures, photographs, installations, videos, books and drawings. His work speaks for itself.

Koen wasn't alone on stage. His companion, a live rooster from the latest generation, was also on stage. You expected the rooster to crow, but he behaved. Although, when Koen got his prize, he turned over and fell asleep.

Later that evening we were able to meet Koen again, the golden trophy passing hand by hand. Everybody wanted to be part of his moment. A big moment of celebration and an acknowledgement. The group of people following the project is still growing.

The Golden Nica is a statue of about 40 cm high, representing the goddess of Victory as an angel with two beautiful wings, a long robe, emphasizing that the 'heart' is important, not the intellectual head, which is missing from this statue. This is also a perfect summary of Koen's project. Steered by the heart, inviting replicas relojes different people to participate, resulting in a project that conquers the heart of people, having a chance to meet him and go along with him.