Birth of the cosmOpolitan gallery


For two days, there was a lot of activity going on the fourth floor in the new Gallery.

Starting early in the morning, Koen Vanmechelen was directing a number of people who were carrying boxes, scaffolds and new works of art in the Gallery.

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What started as a bunch of boxes and containers was packed out and organized into Koen’s latest expo, and the first expo for our cosmOpolitan gallery. The exposition is called ‘Amfitheatrum’ a hint to the building housing the Gallery, which has a semicircular form, with a central focusing point, where ‘the battle of life’ goes on. On the other hand the title of the exposition hints towards the original meaning of an ‘amphitheatrum’ as a place where meetings and exchange of ideas can happen.

During the many hours Koen and his team were adjusting the position of the sculptures, hanging the paintings and drawings, aligning the incubators. On the walls photographic portraits of the different chicken generations were placed.

Koen was keen to present several of his iconic works  permeated by his ideas about cultural exchange and the reinforcement of the next generations by the heritage of previous generations.

That evening during the opening event, the room filled with visitors eager to see the new works placed on an immaculate white floor, while paintings and drawings were hanging on white panels attached to the ceiling and floating above the floor. During the day the 180 degrees of windows in the gallery gives a broad view over the city, during the evening and night the gaze is turned inwards, with the works in the gallery reflecting into the windows, giving an appearance of a parallel world reflected in the windows.

This evening was a great success, top replica watches allowing many visitors to make acquaintance with the cosmOpolitan gallery, which will be dedicated to exclusively present works of Koen Vanmechelen.

After the official opening of the cosmOpolitan gallery a party started until late in the night.