Who are we?

Yannick Nijs and Luc Vrielinck: “We founded the cosmOpolitan gallery in 2013, with a vision to represent an promote the works of art and concepts of Koen Vanmechelen. As longtime observers of the activities of  Koen Vanmechelen, we wanted to create a platform enabling us to stage exhibitions and provide first hand insight into the fascinating world of the artist. Furthermore, the gallery creates a commercial selling point with direct access to the artist and his studio, allowing us to guide and advise on the purchase of a work of art.”

Yannick Nijs, who knows Koen Vanmechelen since many years states: “One of the strong points of the cosmOpolitan gallery is to Hermes Replica Handbags represent only one artist. This allows us to have a profound knowledge of  the artistic works presented.” From practically each piece coming from the artist Yannick Nijs knows the story behind it.  

Luc Vrielinck as a physician and maxillofacial surgeon provided Koen with insight and access to medical practice and CT imaging techniques which were reused in another context by the artist. Due to such an input, the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project has developed numerous inroads into medical and scientific methods.

Yannick and Luc: “We are very passionate about the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, the Golem project, the Open University of Diversity, the Cosmopolitan Culture Park…  Having participated in all these projects Replica Handbags, makes us very knowledgeable about Koen and his artistic work. That’s why we created the cosmOpolitan gallery.”

The Gallery was founded in Belgium, homeland of Koen Vanmechelen and starting point of the cosmOpolitan journey.