12-03-2016 - 31-08-2016

Diversity is one of the driving forces behind the works of Koen Vanmechelen. Diversity also means global and comprehensive. For the cosmOpolitan gallery, the artist has prepared a very beautiful exposition, exploring the theme of ‘Diversity’ in his work. If the words CCP, Walking Egg, Cosmogolem, CCRP and mouth does not ring a bell, and you want to know more of it, then this exposition will be a real eyeopener for understanding the artistic practice of Koen Vanmechelen.

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Practical info

Organised by cosmOpolitan gallery

Jaarbeurslaan 17- 4th floor- 3600 Genk, Belgium

Open Friday and Saturday from 10:00 until 18:00

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Past - Present - Future La Biomista

01-07-2015 - 04-10-2015
cosmOpolitan gallery - Jaarbeurslaan 17 - 4de verdieping - 3600 Genk

In de cosmOpolitan gallery wordt de volgende nieuwe tenstonstelling van Koen Vanmechelen getoond. De tentoonstelling toont een overzicht van de artistieke ontwikkeling van de kunstenaar. Blikvanger in deze tentoonstelling is de maquette van La Biomista, het nieuwe eventpark in Zwartberg, waar de ateliers van Koen Vanmechelen zullen gehuisvest worden, samen met een studiecentrum over het Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, de Open University of Diversity en een dierenpark.

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Deze expo is een mooie gelegenheid om het verleden,replica rolex heden en toekomst in de artistieke carriere van Koen Vanmechelen te ervaren.   De tentoonstelling  is gratis toegankelijk vanaf 1 Juli 2015 tot en met 4 Oktober 2015 in cosmOpolitan Gallery, Jaarbeurslaan 17 (4de verdieping) te Genk.

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Cytoskeleton - C.C.P.

27-02-2015 - 30-06-2015
cosmOpolitan gallery - Jaarbeurslaan 17 - 4de verdieping - 3600 Genk

In de cosmOpolitan gallery wordt de volgende nieuwe tenstonstelling van Koen Vanmechelen getoond. De tentoonstelling heet “Cytoskeleton” en toont een overzicht van de artistieke ontwikkeling van de kunstenaar. Blikvanger in deze tentoonstelling is een 9 m grote houten sculptuur van een kip. 

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Practical info

Deze expo is een mooie gelegenheid om het verleden, heden en toekomst in de artistieke carriere van Koen Vanmechelen te ervaren. replica orologi  De tentoonstelling  Cytoskeleton is gratis toegankelijk vanaf 2 maart 2015 tot en met 26/09/2015 in cosmOpolitan Gallery, Jaarbeurslaan 17 (4de verdieping) te Genk.


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Beyond Reality - C.C.P.

15-07-2014 - 17-01-2015
The CosmOpolitan Gallery is located in the Jaarbeurslaan 17 (4th Floor) in Genk, Belgium.

CosmOpolitan gallery is proud to present their second exhibiton with works of Koen Vanmechelen. Beyond Reality - C.C.P. takes us again on a journey about change and evolution,replicas relojes elicited by changes in culture, geographical changes and of course natural selection.

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Practical info

5/05/2014 till 18/01/2015

The expo can be visited on Friday and Saturday from 10 AM till 18 PM or by appointment (0478/ 266 300).replicas rolex replicas omega

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Darwin's Dream

15-11-2014 - 14-12-2014
The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church,

Koen Vanmechelen is a conceptual artist who explores the social function of art. For over 20 years he has been making mixed media work around a central theme of diversity, immunity and fertility. By approaching his subject laterally he has been able to make significant discoveries about genetics which have not been reached through conventional scientific practice.
The artist’s new exhibition in London springboards from his ongoing project The Cosmopolitan Chicken, in which he uses the chicken as a universal metaphor. By crossbreeding roosters and hens from around the globe he reflects the benefits of a diverse gene pool. Over the past 15 years Vanmechelen has cross-bred 18 generations of chickens from as many nations, proving emphatically that greater genetic diversity results in increased fertility and stronger immune systems.

In the evocative, labyrinthine tunnels of the 200 year old crypt of St. Cartier Replica Watches Pancras Church, Darwin’s Dream, reflects on the artist’s discoveries through works in a multitude of media. Curated by Jill Silverman van Coenegrachts and James Putnam, the exhibition features a living ‘jungle’ and a miniature lake at its centre and includes performance video, photography and sculpture in glass. The genetic lineage throughout the generations of the cosmopolitan chickens is illustrated in a family tree and larger than life-size photographic portraits of the parents and their offspring, presented alongside specimens of the different generations preserved in taxidermy.

Vanmechelen reflects Charles Darwin’s practice in his on-going work, surrounding himself with animals and observing the natural world as emblematic of civilisation as a whole. In the title Darwin’s Dream he poses a philosophical question concerning what we have come to understand of Darwin’s revolutionary ideas. Expanding on the idea of crossbreeding, the artist incorporates collaboration into his practice.

Working with specialists in the fields of sociology, anthropology, medicine, genetics and physics, Vanmechelen has contributed to valuable research in a variety of fields, an act which in itself illustrates of the importance of diversification.


Practical info

Dates: 15 November 2014 – 14 December 2014
Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 11am - 7pm / Sun 12 - 5pm
Admission: Free
Address: The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church,
Euston Rd London NW1 2BA
Telephone: +44 20 7388 1461
Travel: Nearest stations are Euston, Euston Square and King’s Cross St Pancras


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25-10-2014 - 04-01-2015
Guy Pieters Gallery Albertplein 15 – B-8300 Knokke-Heist

With Signature, Koen Vanmechelen transforms the recently opened Guy Pieters Gallery in Knokke in a temple of biocultural diversity. For the artist, biocultural diversity is the fabric of human cultures and natural biotopes woven from co-evolution,replica watches adaptation and transformation that is the result of the contact between biological processes and cultural quests.

Vanmechelen's oeuvre explores the millennia of ancient diversity forged from these fusions and exchanges. The artist seeks out the ancient knowledge stored within them. But he goes further. Through the crossbreeding of animals, materials and forms, through the blending of the cultures that have shaped them and that they give shape to, and through the conquering the quagmire of the art/science interface, he synthesises new symbioses and innovations in diversity. His playing field is always the space between the two polar opposites underpinning life itself: construction and destruction. This intrinsically unending and unfinished process, which began nearly 20 years ago with the crossing of two breeds of chicken in the artistic Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, grows organically, expanding to include ever more species as it does: vultures, owls, iguanas, turtles, eagles, llamas, ostriches, and emus. Vanmechelen crosses and experiments without boundaries.

It is no accident that these species have found their place in the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project – naturally, every organism needs another organism to survive. One species leads to the next. Certain species co-evolve with others, like man and chicken; and each has formed the other. Some are species that are linked to mankind through other species. Like the llama, which, through the chicken, can play a prominent medical role in the future of man. Vanmechelen experiments with this connection – and not only in art. His many cooperative partnerships with university institutions worldwide have proven that art and science are two branches of the same tree. Together, they expand the horizon of our perception and reveal the Wunderkammer of the multiverse.

What is it that drives Vanmechelen? The eclectic nature of his art demands an eclectic approach. It is the work itself that drives him to the next project, the next expedition, the next crossbreeding, or the next uncharted territory. A Venetian griffin carries him to the marble oceans of Carrara and Michelangelo. The Mechelse Cubalaya takes him to the Maasai in Tanzania. The proto-chicken lures him to Nepal and India, while his unparalleled collection of chicken genetic material leads him to renowned research laboratories from Ann Arbor to Vienna. At the crossroads of all these interactions, his art is born. Multimedia installations that find their inspiration in the melting pot that is our world. Animals, preserved, translated into marble and reflected in glass.rolex falsi Larger-than-life bronze chicken legs that refer to prehistoric creatures, expressive paintings hatched from an egg. A cross between materials and identities, but with a clear storyline, its essence biocultural diversity, Vanmechelen’s signature.

Practical info

Dates: 26 October 2014 – 4 January 2014
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 11am - 6pm / Closed on Wednesday
Admission: Free


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Never Green – C.C.P.

02-10-2014 - 19-12-2014
lycée agricole Venours CS40005 86480 Rouillé

Rurart, the Centre of modern art, holds a unique place in the French artworld. Situated next to the university of Agriculture, the center is known for its focus on bioart and strong educational program. With three exhibitions per year, they exhibited among others Eduardo Kac, Santiago Sierra and Jeremy Hutchison. For the fall, artist Koen Vanmechelen is occupying the space with a solo exhibition entiteled ‘Never Green – C.C.P.’.

From october onwards,replica watches visitors will have a chance to visit this interactive installation, that invites the onlooker to participate in the debate. It clusters and itegrates five basic elements of Vanmechelen’s oeuvre.

The cage in the corner houses two primal chicken – a hen and rooster - belonging to the Red Junglefowl species, which is ancestral to the domestic chicken. They embody the first human animals before they left the safety of their environment. The next millennia man domesticated the world and himself and aimed for the future by creating a multicultural and multigenetical environment. The two caged animals live on a stretch of raised brown soil, the metaphorical platform from which they started on their millennia old journey across the globe.

The consequences of that brave endeavor are expressed in the other elements that comprise the ‘tableau vivant’. The perfectly formed egg stands for the world of the future. The other elements pave the chaotic way towards that future. The palm trees look out of order in this context, and they are. They are the result of the human desire to change nature towards his needs. The quest for organization has only brought about more chaos as the natural world is now being destroyed with frightening speed. Although extinction is a natural process that has existed for as long as life itself, it is speeded up considerably by man. In the last millennium, the impact of humans on the biosphere has accelerated out of control. Hybridity is rampant, things seem out of control, global chaos awaits us. Mankind is disoriented.

The answer is reflected in the transparent container which contains 3D-prints of DNA of the chickens that Vanmechelen has been crossbreeding into his Cosmopolitan Chicken Project. And which is shown on video also. Portraits of these animals hang on an opposite wall. The desire of the creator to connect them, his energy, is captured by the red throbbing breeding lamps. They are only the beginning of a extraordinarily long experiment to crossbreed a whole new type of hybrid being that will lead us out of the chaos. It will be born under a giant transparent light, a beacon of the future, somewhere ‘out there’. As a third coming.

Mark: no green but a pink light. There is no ‘go’. Life is surprising in its splendid and fascinating otherness.

Practical info

Exposition from 2nd October till 19th December 2014
From Monday till Tuesday 10h-12h/14h-18h
Sunday 15h-18h

Free entrance, free guided tour upon reservation


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Symbiosis – C.C.P.

05-06-2014 - 01-01-2015
Living Tomorrow, Indringingsweg 1, 1800 Vilvoorde

At living tomorrow a platform for future-oriented art will be created.
The presentation of the works is not displayed as in a gallery, but is exhibited in a symbiotic integration with an eye on a future way of life.
 The concept of the exhibition "NEXT DOOR" is simple. Our world is Hermes Replica Handbags changing extremely fast. Next Door is a network-exhibition, a logical answer to our network society.

Next Door contains:
Creative Technology
Philosophy of Science
Technology and Society
= it's a collective thinking and doing

Participating artists are among others Koen Vanmechelen, Nick Ervinck, Fred Eerdekens, Peter De Cupere, Ulrike Bolenz and Jean-Luc Moerman.


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Practical info


Living Tomorrow, Indringingsweg 1, 1800 Vilvoorde


From 05/06/2014 till 01/01/2015

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